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It all started when people asked me where I played soccer. They did not know about the local soccer leagues and facilities. I knew I had to help fill that void. Search For Soccer was born!

I didn’t want to limit the site to just soccer leagues and facilities though. So I came up with a variety of categories and tags hopefully making it easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Search For Soccer is your number one search for everything soccer! We have a growing collection of soccer websites categorized and tagged for easy searching. Find club teams, facilities, leagues, organizations, products, tournaments, websites and more! Submit a site today!

Search For Soccer Plugin!
The easiest way to search for everything soccer is finally here! What’s a plugin you ask? It’s a little piece of software that adds new functionality to your browser. And this particular plugin allows you to search our entire website right from your very own browser, without having to visit our site first! Get it now!

Search Tips
Need help finding something? Here are some tips while searching:

  • Exact phrase search (use quotes)
    For example, if you’re looking for a website named Sideline Soccer, wrap the name in quotes like “Sideline Soccer”. If you don’t use quotes, your search results will include all websites with the words sideline or soccer.
  • Use search operators (AND/OR)
    For example, if you’re looking for websites that only include the words sideline and soccer, use sideline AND soccer. If you’re looking for websites that include the words sideline or soccer, use sideline OR soccer.
  • Categories
    You can choose to search by category. After selecting a category, you can further narrow your search by selecting a tag (if applicable).
  • Tags
    You can choose to search by tag. If you have chosen a category, only tags applicable to that category will appear.

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Search For Soccer is managed and maintained by the owner of Sideline Soccer.